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Completed Projects



Click on the links below to find out more about some of the research projects the Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network (SDPBRN) has supported.

Topic Area Completed Research Projects
Practice Inspection Combined Practice Inspection A feasibility study and a pilot study to support and inform the development of a Combined Practice Inspection process for NHS General Dental Practices in Scotland.
Patient Experience Patient Experience Survey
Changing Clinicians’ Behaviour ERUPT Study
Caries in Children Preformed Metal Crowns for the Management of Deciduous Caries
Oral Health Advice The Effectiveness of Enhanced Oral Health Advice and Instruction upon Patient Oral Hygiene, Knowledge, and Self-Reported Behaviour: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Practice Development Practice Development Plan Pilot EvaluationAims to provide General Dental Practices with a development product and process, both of which are sustainable, effective and efficient, and promote quality improvement within General Dental Practices by encouraging practice members to identify and undertake training based on explicit identified needs.
Dental Workforce The Role of Dental Care Professionals in Practice: Dental Workforce Review Survey A review of the dental workforce in Scotland to provide a clear picture of the skill mix of all dental professionals to help determine the scale of future training required. Completed 2010.
Vocational Dental Practitioner Assessment UK VDP Cohort Study Evaluating the effects of the formal assessment of the Vocational Dental Practitioner on the acquisition of competence and standards during training by comparison with training in other areas of the UK where formal assessment is not employed.
Job Satisfaction Job Satisfaction of Hygienists, Therapists and Hygienist-Therapists in Scotland
Occupational Exposure Attitudes to Reporting of Occupational Exposure to Blood and Other Body Fluids
Orthodontics Interceptive Orthodontics in General Dental Practice