Welcome to the Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network (SDPBRN). The aim of SDPBRN is to promote the implementation of evidence-based practice in Scotland through the partnership and participation of all providers of primary dental care in the conduct of high quality research and the dissemination of the increasing body of evidence relevant to dental primary care.

SDPBRN works in partnership with the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) and the Translation Research in a Dental Setting (TRiaDS) collaboration to develop and test interventions to enhance the translation of guidance recommendations into practice. Projects conducted as part of the Scottish Oral Health Research Collaboration focus on a theme of inequalities and oral health. Current populations of concern are children, older people living in care homes and those with oral cancer.

SDPBRN is funded by NHS Education for Scotland and supported by the School of Dentistry,  University of Dundee; the University of Glasgow Dental School; and the Edinburgh Dental Institute, University of Edinburgh.

Please browse our site to learn more about SDPBRN, how we work and the projects undertaken.


  • SDPBRN Newsletter March 2016

    Read the latest SDPBRN Newsletter
  • Audit

    Under the new arrangements for clinical audit, participation in many dental research projects will be eligible for up to five hours audit credit in each three year clinical audit cycle. Dental research audit hours will be administered by SDPBRN via the NHS Education for Scotland Portal.
  • Combined Practice Inspection

    The Combined Practice Inspection (CPI) for dental practices in Scotland was first introduced in January 2013. SDPBRN assisted in the piloting of the CPI and in the process of reviewing and updating the current CPI.
  • Become a Rapid Evaluation Practitioner (REP)

    Use your expertise to inform important aspects of practice and policy by becoming an SDPBRN Rapid Evaluation Practitioner (REP). Find out more.
  • Developing an Oral Health Information System in Scotland

    SDPBRN has carried out a pilot study to investigate the feasibility of gathering epidemiological oral health information in dental practices and is currently working with the SGHD Adult Dental Health Survey Working Group to take forward wider implementation of this initiative in primary care practice.
  • INTERVAL Spring 2015

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Latest Scottish Dental News

Topical miconazole and warfarin interaction higlighted

21st June 2016

This week the MHRA published  a reminder about the potential drug interaction between miconazole and warfarin in their monthly. The MHRA have chosen to highlight this safety issue following a Patient Safety Notice issued in Wales last month (link below) which describes a fatality in a patient on warfarin who was prescribed miconazole oral gel… Read More

Android version of SDCEP Dental Prescribing App Launched

29th April 2016

The popular Dental Prescribing app from the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP)  is now available for use on Android™ smartphones and tablets. Based on the most recent version of the SDCEP Drug Prescribing for Dentistry Guidance , the app provides mobile access to the latest dentally relevant information compiled for the British National Formulary… Read More