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Project framework

Research Audit Credit

Under the new arrangements for clinical audit, participation in many dental research projects carried out by SDPBRN, universities and health boards will be eligible for up to five hours audit credit in each three-year clinical audit cycle. General Dental Practitioners will be able to claim Clinical Audit Allowance in respect of their Research Audit Hours.

Eligible projects will be practice based and will explore the quality of dental care: including projects that focus on the safety, effectiveness, person-centredness, timeliness, efficiency or equity of dental care. Dental research audit hours will be administered by SDPBRN via the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Portal.  More details about  these new arrangements are available here.

Recognition of the impact of participating in research on the quality of dental care delivery is an exciting new development for dentistry in Scotland and SDPBRN are delighted to have been given the opportunity to help take this forward.  Further information can be found by accessing the links below.

Research Audit Information

Research Audit Application

Research Audit Portfolio Projects


Clinical Audit

SDPBRN has also been involved in the development of the following national, pre-approved clinical audit:

Go to NHS Education for Scotland’s website for more information about clinical audit.

It should be noted that while NES intends to deal with Clinical Audit, Research Audit, SEA and Peer Review reports in strict confidence, please be aware that where there are overwhelming clinical or ethical reasons to do so, NES may be obliged to take further action which may include sharing information from the report with relevant professional bodies.