Attitudes to Reporting of Occupational Exposure to Blood and Other Body Fluids

Practitioner researcher: Paul Leavy, BDS

Primary benefits of the study: First time understanding of the behaviours and attitudes GDPs in Scotland have towards the reporting of accidental exposure to blood or other body fluids.  Use of findings to inform the further development of infection control education for dentists and dental professionals.

The aim of this study is to survey GDPs regarding the frequency of accidental exposure, their reporting behaviours, and their attitudes toward accidental exposures to blood or other body fluids.  A postal survey was mailed to a random sample of 300 GDPs in Scotland and a response rate of 41% (N=124) was achieved.  Data collected include responses to a series of questions informed by Theory of Planned Behaviour as well as qualitative data collected through open ended questions in the survey.  Data are currently being analysed, preliminary analysis has shown accidental exposures among 14% of respondent GDPs and a very broad range of views toward assessing and managing risks associated with accidental exposure.

This project was completed in 2013.

Leavy, P., Templeton, A., Young, L., McDonnell, C. (2014) Reporting of occupational exposures to blood and body fluids in the primary dental care setting in Scotland: an evaluation of current practice and attitudes. British Dental Journal 217, E7