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National Symposia pre 2014

Timetable of Events

Date Location Notes
November 2011 Westpark Conference Centre (Dundee) Over 100 practitioners, researchers, students and trainees gathered at Dundee’s West Park Conference Centre on 9 November 2011 to hear about the latest research in dental primary care and to contribute their ideas about future directions.

Margie Taylor, Chief Dental Officer, set the context for the day by outlining the role and potential of primary care based research within the Strategy for Oral Health Research in Scotland. This was followed by a review of five major studies currently being funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s Health Technology Assessment programme, as well as a review and discussion of six themes for future dental research, involving electronic voting by the audience.

The day was well received with many delegates looking forward to the next symposium. One dentist Bruce Duguid committed his view(Get Involved)(PDF) to print in Dentistry Scotland, and we are grateful to them for allowing us to reproduce the article.

October 2009 Stirling Management Centre
March 2008 Dundee
May 2006 Dundee Aspects of caries management in primary care dentistry

Caries Management
•Conventional caries removal: Professor Edwina Kidd explains why research evidence questions conventional caries removal practices
•Minimal caries removal: Dr David Ricketts
•Ultraconservative caries removal: A general practice-based RCT using preformed metal crowns for primary teeth Ms Nicola Innes
•Benefits of the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) in primary care Dr Gail Topping ICDAS website

Roles in Caries Management
•Publishing primary care research in the BDJ Mr Stephen Hancocks
•The role of the dually qualified hygienist therapist Ms Margaret Ross
•The ERUPT study: a brief report Mr Stephen Turner

New Developments
•Childsmile: Targeting children at higher caries risk: the Child Oral Health Demonstration Projects Professor Lorna Macpherson
•Ecouraging research in primary care Mr Ray Watkins, CDO Scotland

June 2005 Edinburgh

Prevention in primary care: Research reflecting practice

2004 Stirling
March 2003 Glasgow
November 2001 Edinburgh Oral Presentations
•Setting the scene
•Practice Based Research
•Management of Snoring using an Intra-Oral Appliance in Primary Dental Care
•Continuing Care For Highlands Elderly
•SSPC – What Is It and What Will It Do?
•Ethics in the Preparation and Participation of Research in Primary Care Practice
•A Randomised Control Trial to Investigate Patients’ Views of a Scale and Polish

Oral Presentation abstracts Poster Presentations(PDF)

•The Cost of Out-of-Hours emergency Dental Provision in Tayside: An assessment of the current situation and a proposal of a more cost effective system
•Hepatitis B Immunisation and Monitoring for Scottish Primary Care Dental Staff
•A Review of Services for the Dentally Anxious Child in the Highland Health Board area of Scotland
•Self-reported dental registration and attendance patterns among secondary school pupils in and around Motherwell, Lanarkshire
•A survey of the use and decontamination of matrix bands
•Provision of Domiciliary Dental Care in Scotland: A Pilot Study
•Oral Health Outcomes Following Targeted Community Development Activity
•A Multidisciplinary Community Development Programme Designed To Improve Infants’ Oral Health
•The role of primary care dentistry in the management of patients with eating disorders
•Focus group research and your practice

Poster Presentation abstracts(PDF) from Parallel Workshops

•Research Activities and Your Personal Development
•Research In The ‘Real World’ – Prevent The Pitfalls!
•Primary Care Research Networks: What Can We Do For You?

Workshop Summaries(PDF)