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Current Projects


The Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network (SDPBRN) supports a range of on-going projects. Click on the links below to find out more details.

Topic area             Current Research Projects
Adult Dental Health Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey is the most recent epidemiological survey of the oral health of Scotland’s adult population
Patient Safety A Safety Climate Evaluation Tool for Primary Care Dental Practice in Scotland A study to validate and pilot a safety climate questionnaire in general dental practice.
Quality Improvement Improving Quality in Healthcare: A Case Study in Dental Primary Care in Scotland  Many studies have explored individual level behaviours that may influence the translation of guidance in practice but few have investigated the organisational level factors. This PhD aims to explore what organisational characteristics of primary care organisations facilitate the translation of guidance into practice.
Undergraduate Education Evaluating Dental Undergraduate Education Evaluates student outcomes from undergraduate dental education in areas including clinical and non-clinical, and general attitudes to the profession of dentistry. Conducted annually.
Oral HPV HOPSCOTCH (HPV Oral Prevalence in Scotland Feasibility Study) To test the feasibility of undertaking a full population investigation into the prevalence, incidence, and persistence of oral HPV in Scotland via dental settings.
Dental Recall INTERVAL (Investigation of NICE Technologies for Enabling Risk-Variable-Adjusted-Length Dental Recalls Trial) A study is to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of three dental recall strategies by assessing their impact on maintaining adult oral health.
Periodontal Health IQuaD (Improving the Quality of Dentistry) A study is to compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of theoretically based, personalised oral hygiene advice or periodontal instrumentation at different time intervals or their combination, for improving periodontal health in dentate adults attending general dental practice.
Caries in Children FiCTION (Filling Children’s Teeth: Indicated or Not?) What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of filling caries in primary teeth, compared to no treatment? This randomised controlled trial compares conventional restorations with an intermediate treatment strategy based on the biological (sealing-in) management of caries and with no restorations.
Role Substitution Role Substitution in NHS Primary Care Dental Practices
Alcohol Advice Assessment of Harmful Drinking Habits and Delivery of an Appropriate Alcohol-Related Message: Role of the General Dental Practitioner Despite improved outcomes for many other cancers the five-year survival rate for oral cancer remains poor. As such targeting any potential preventive measures, including raising awareness of alcohol as a risk factor, is essential.
Outreach Research Feasibility of Conducting Clinical Research in Dental Outreach  The majority of dental healthcare in Scotland is conducted in the primary care setting. However, most clinical dental research takes place in the secondary care setting and the results may not be transferable to primary dental care. There is a need for more research to be carried out in primary care to help establish a more robust evidence base for oral healthcare in Scotland.