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5th Annual National Symposium, Dundee 2006

Aspects of caries management in primary care dentistry

5 May 2006, Dundee

Caries Management

  • Conventional caries removal: Professor Edwina Kidd explains why research evidence questions conventional caries removal practices
  • Minimal caries removal: Dr David Ricketts
  • Ultraconservative caries removal: A general practice-based RCT using preformed metal crowns for primary teeth Ms Nicola Innes
  • Benefits of the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) in primary care Dr Gail Topping ICDAS website

Roles in Caries Management

  • Publishing primary care research in the BDJ Mr Stephen Hancocks
  • The role of the dually qualified hygienist therapist Ms Margaret Ross
  • The ERUPT study: a brief report Mr Stephen Turner

New Developments

  • Childsmile: Targeting children at higher caries risk: the Child Oral Health Demonstration Projects Professor Lorna Macpherson
  • Ecouraging research in primary care Mr Ray Watkins, CDO Scotland